Song lyrics- The Malfunction Room

Two Wheels

Its four o'clock Saturday morning
been up all night on my own
'cos four o'clock it came
without warning
Time can still fly by when
you're all alone
Now she's parked there in the street
still shining like a light
but like rust she'll never sleep
until I've won the fight.

I spent most of my life on a 500cc
I could never get it right
Now it's catching up on me
but when the morning comes around
I wont know how it feels
I'll be taking it to the streets
on two wheels.

I've never had a home
I could go to
Could never ever stay in one place
I could only hold a job
for a short while
I need to feel the wind upon my face
But now I've learnt one thing
this highway goes nowhere
I keep searching for the truth
I never find it anywhere.

Sometimes I feel I'm racing
other times I feel I'm falling down
It's either way you're wasted
on pills and booze from
the darkest side of town
But these wheels they'll keep me going
That much I'll always know
When my memory lies before me
and my feet refuse to go.

My parents travelled far
when I was younger
They had to keep on moving to survive
Their struggled journey ended
on the highway
the same dark road that
kept us all alive
And now sometimes at night
I keep dreaming of the track
I know I'll win this time
and I know that I'll be back.