Song lyrics- The Malfunction Room

Suits and Ties

There's men in black suits
patrolling the docks
With dogs on chains
and keys to the locks
They keep up out
from the institutions within.
They're behind closed doors
with their suits and their ties
They make the decisions
and feed us with lies
but every three years
we seem to vote 'em back in.

And they close down our railways,
Our banks, our schools and our towns
But they'll never, no they'll never shut our unions down.

They speak of a mandate
to cut back our pay
and no one or nothing ever
stands in their way
They get what they want
and rort the system they control.
It's a system designed
The rich to protect
to maximise profits
and freely select
their labour at wish from
a pool of workers thrown on the dole

They dispossess murries
with the push of a pen
Then promise them land
but they never say when
Just send them out west
where they were anyway
And they inherit land and
say its their right
You wonder sometimes
how they sleep a night
They give Australian land to foreign companies every day.

They lock up boat people
behind the barbed wire
They treat migrants as criminals and cheap
labour for hire
and blame them for anything
that ever stands in their way
Like the thousands of workers
no longer employed
or those public phone booths, migrants destroyed
They even use them as an excuse to cut back our pay

They've cut back funding
towards mental health
and employ ed police
to protect their wealth
and keep telling us about some
supposed increase in crime
But the criminals I see
are in clever disguise
behind closed doors
with their suits and their ties
thinking about whatever they
can take from us this time.