The Pitchfork Disney

Music by Simone Olding and Craig Dawson

based on the play by Philip Ridley

"With such strong performances, a great design by Geoff Corbett and
evocative original soundtrack by Craig Dawson and Simone Olding, The
Pitchfork Disney is hard to fault..."

The Songs Not in CD order

1. Prelude - click to download

Simone - piano

2. Main theme (The Pitchfork Disney)- click to download

Craig - guitar

Simone - accordian, flute, darabouka, vocal sounds

2. We used to have a car - click to download

"That's right. We used to have a car.... Daddy used to say there was nothing like the smell of a new car."

Simone - keyboard, bottles, flute

3. The Halocaust - click to download

"Its black. A sheet of dark cloud obscures everything. No heaven visible. No stars, no moon, no sun. Nothing."

Craig - slide guitar

Simone - flute, woodblock

4. Dandelions - click to download

Simone - bazouki, darabouka, triangle, tamborine, vocals

Craig - guitar

5. Dogs - click to download

".. And I told you what happened. How I got to the end of the street and a pack of dogs appeared. Seven of them. Big, filthy dogs. With maggots in their fur. Foam on their lips."

Craig - slide guitar

Simone - keyboard

Simone's Dogs - barking

6. Homophobia - click to download

"I hate being touched by men. It happens everywhere these days. In pubs, in trains, on buses, in supermarkets."

Craig - slide guitar

Simone - bass drum, triangle, bottles, chains

7. Girl from mars - click to download

Simone - bazouki, vocals, darabouka, triangle

Craig - guitar

8. Wasteland - click to download

"The only thing left standing is this house. Like a dark tower in the middle of a wasteland."

Craig - howler, distorted slide guitar

Simone - flute, woodblock

9. Survival of the sickest - click to download

"Darwin got it all wrong, you see. Fitness has got nothing to do with it."

Simone - keyboards

Craig - distorted slide guitar from hell.

10. Pitchfork Cavalier - click to download

"Pitchfork Cavalier, meet Mr Chocolate."

Craig - guitar

Simone - glockenspeil

11. The Pitchfork Disney - click to download

"...I pick up a copy of the newspaper and read. A murderer - calling himself The Pitchfork Disney - is killing children."

Craig - guitar

Simone - triangle, flute, woodblock, darabouka

12. Its gonna rain - click to download

Craig - vocals, guitar, slide guitar, harmonica

Simone - vocals, darabouka, tamborine