Song lyrics- The Malfunction Room

Girl on the Street

She stood by the light
in the cool misty air
her cigarette glow
lit her face and her hair
I stood in the dark afraid
that she'd see me from there

Are you the same girl
I met long ago
The years fly by
but that you already know
What can I say
Should I turn to you
should I walk away
what do I do
I search for the answer
in the blue mystic lights of the sky
but no magic star
shines into this city
There's no fairy tale
in the darkness between you and I

I never could say farewell
I never could say goodbye

So I stand by the road
and watch for a while
her soft silhouette
and her sad sombre smile
and I feel her warm hands
and her delicate touch
and a fire in her eyes
that could burn you so much
In this dark empty street
perhaps we could meet
I'll pretend I was just passing by
For this once again I'd do anything
but I dont even know how to try

I never could say farewell
I never could say goodbye

The rain it poured down
on my clothes and my hair
It clouded my sight
I couldn't see anywhere
still I knew she was there
somewhere in the night
a shelter close by
in the blue neon light
In the dark empty street
with the rain at my feet
I searched for a place that was dry
But I cannot turn back
at the end of this track
the reason I guess I know why.

I never could say fare well
I never could say goodbye.

The nights by the bay
the cold winter time
the afternoon sun
the drugs and the wine
the books that we read
the room where we stayed
the music we heard
the songs that we played
Your innocent eyes
and look of surprise
could shadow the truth
when you lied
But the lies that you told
were never as cold
as this rain that falls from the sky.

I never could say farewell
I never could say goodbye