The Drover's Wife.

There's a lonesome sound outside tonight
as the rain falls down there's no starlight
anywhere to brighten up the sound,
The sound of a distant thunder cloud
a booming voice that speaks so loud
sends shivers through the dry
and barren ground.

And it must be a lonely life
way out west as a drover's wife
19 miles along a dusty track,
but each new day as it comes around
brings a new and different sound,
perhaps today the drover will come back.

For the rain will make the grass
grow on this land,
from the salt bush plains up to
the desert sand.
There's hope within the wind
that whistles by
in every cloud in every clear blue sky
and in every dream that ever
passed you by.

As the rain falls down throughout
the night
she sits and sews by a candlelight
thinking of the day that he'll return,
but perhaps tomorrow will be the same
and another night of dreams in vain
will vanish like the candle as it burns.

But the rain ...etc.

Words and music by C.Dawson.
Scotts Head 1993.