Song lyrics- The Malfunction Room


She puts herself to sleep at night
wondering when he'll be home.
She doesn't understand
why he has to work alone.
She was never rich as a child
now she hopes for something more.
But each new day sees one more
dream go walking out the door.

Dreams, dreams, dreams.
Are we just fighting our fate?
Dreams, dreams, dreams.
Are they mistakes that we make?

She stares into the mirror
when she's by herself
and imagines that she's staring
into a world of wealth.
Then she sees her eyes,
sees her cheeks and the
lines upon her face.
Just one more day and one
more dream vanish with no trace.

Now I watch her search for answers
or somewhere to lay the blame
We built our lives on despereate dreams
the promise never came
Now there must be something more
but I still don't understand
All that's left are memories
Of a life that we planned.

Repeat Chorus.

Now she battles on every day
in a world of her own.
She dreams about her youth
and owning her own home.
And she wakes up every night
staring at a wall
knowing that while some have nil
others have it all.