Where Cedars Grew 2012. All the best original ballads of recent times. Well recorded with a rich texture of instruments. click here

Tunes from the Rivers (2007) - instrumental guitar plus some flute. click here

Let Isabelle Out (2005) - Double CD. Minimal instrumentation. Plenty of ballads.

So Near Yet So Far (2003) - Award winning songs on a CD recorded by Angel Train, with Arts ACT funding. click here

The Pitchfork Disney (2001) - Soundtrack to the theatre performance of the same name. click here

Jennys Flowers (2000) - Single, plus bonus songs recorded live. No longer available as a CD but is available as a free download. click here

The Malfunction Room (1999) - Award winning songs on a solo album by Craig. Still going strong today. click here

Fire of Life - Serendipity (1998) - A CD of songs by Simone and her then music partner in crime.

The Avondale Sessions (1996) - A no longer available cassette containing songs of which most found their way onto "The Malfunction Room. Those that didn't are avalable on "Rare Recordings."

The Rivers Return - Dawson and Spring (1995) - A CD of songs by Craig and his then music partner in crime. No longer available. click here

Compilation CDs - Many are no longer available but still.. click here