Song lyrics- The Malfunction Room

Darryl made it through another day

He fishes the river from a sandy bank
and breathes the distant salty air
He hears the waves crash upon the shore
No Darryl, you're not going nowhere
I see that look within his eyes
and the fire that burns there.

It's looking up this world you're in
Though you're looking for something to ease the pain
But perhaps tomorrow if you last another day
You wont feel like you're going insane
As the sun sets over the mountain side
I see that look in his eyes again.


Darryl made it through another day
One by one we count them all away
I know this time he'll make it all the way
Darryl made it through another day

I can see he's tired and looking for something else
Still he's doing the best he can
I know that guy by the high school fence
I know what he's hiding in the back of his van
Go away mister, we don't need you no more
He's clean don't you understand