Song lyrics- The Malfunction Room

Darlinghurst Road

A nightbird was singing
through the windy Autumn air
past a man lying in a gutter
too cold and drunk to care
Then I thought I heard a voice
like the crackle of a flame
Through the dark, cold city street
I thought I heard my name.

Through the burning fires of hope
and the fading of despair
Through the darkness of an alleyway
I searched to find her there
Past the shattered broken lives and dreams
of men who've lost their way
Where broken bottles shine like stars
in the gutters where they lay.

On the corner by a vacant home
I stood outside the door
and leaned my head into the wind
to hear her voice once more
and I felt her breath upon my face
as I shivered in the breeze
My hand reached out and reached again
I fell down to my knees.

Past the broken children's homes
and signs that read for sale
Past their rotted empty ruined souls
and deathly faces pale
Past the shops and market place
where lives are bought and sold
I will search for her again
down Darlinghurst Road.