Song: Reconciliation - alternate version


 The songs reflect the four Green principles
of social justice, ecological sustainability,
grassroots democracy and peace,
nonviolence and disarmament

They are songs for dancing and songs for
singing along to, and songs which can be
appreciated for their beauty and power. The
album features some old names and some
new, all of whom demonstrate how rich and alive music is in Australia. The Greens
warmly thank all the artists for their support and generosity.

No longer available.

Song: Its Gonna Rain


 The Sydney Folk Gala 2002 sampler CD is available from Touchwood for $15. It is a wonderful and diverse collection of tracks from the artists who participated in the inaugural Gala, including:

Jigzag -- 30 Seconds of Happiness
Oscar and Marigold -- Amar Adonay L'Yaakov
Margaret Walters -- The Trees They Do Grow High
Pastance -- Black is the Colour
Keklik Aile -- Rampi Rampi
Wheelers and Dealers -- The Fifth Day
Triantán -- Willie's Lady
Rachel Hore -- Wilurara
Miguel Heatwole -- Brown Eyed Boy
Len Neary -- Lowlands
Tony Eardley -- Reconciliation
Papalote -- La Partida
Touchwood -- Another Rolling Stone
Bob and Margaret Fagan -- The Birchgrove Park
Gilly Darbey -- Laura
Dave Nipperess -- Judas Hill
Secret Party -- It's Gonna Rain

No longer available.


Song: Pickin' on the Captain 

 Already considered by many to be the most vibrant and interesting snapshot of Australian Folk this century, Australian Folk 2000 firmly sets a new benchmark in showcasing the diversity and unique talents of Australian Folk artists.

Available from Folk Alliance Australia Website:

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